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The Rajab Istighfār

The following is a compilation of istighfār, known in Ḥaḍramawt as Istighfār Rajab, compiled by Ḥabīb Ḥasan, the son of Imām `Abdullāh bin `Alawī al-Ḥaddād. It is traditionally read every night in the month of Rajab.

It is available for download by clicking on this link:
The Rajab IstighfārThe Rajab Istighfār

Installing on Manjaro Linux the Multi Platform Quranic software - Ayat: Al Quran :: آيات: القرآن الكريم

Al Quran - KSU Electronic Moshaf project :: المشروع هو محاكاة الكترونية للمصحف الشريف

Here is a simple guide to help you install on Manjaro Linux Ayat (آيات) the Al Quran - KSU Electronic Moshaf project :: المشروع هو محاكاة الكترونية للمصحف الشريف
The package is available on AUR ( and "yaourt" will be used to download and install the App, together with all the required supporting packages for it.

Manjaro Linux for Customizable Start Menu

Manjaro Linux KDE Edition

Manjaro Linux provides a stable, highly customizable computer desktop environment and using the latest KDE Plasma version, it not only looks good but feels good too. The wobbly windows feature is simply amazing. Their motto puts it succinctly : "Enjoy the simplicity". It has a strong community support and a wide array of packages, which should cater to any application one would require.

The installation process was a breeze even though I'm using the breath theme

E-Book for Ramadhan Guidance Now Available

The Reliance of the Believer in Ramadhan

All praise and thanks be to Allah, the hardwork of our brother has paid off.

We can now offer to you, Dear Reader, our latest E-Book The Reliance of the Believer in Ramadhan which the votary can consult to perfect his fast and reap the maximum benefits from this blessed month.

Knowledge is like the leader and deeds are its followers. Knowledge and deed are like twins that are inseparable.

It is with this in mind that I have persevered to provide in this book all that is required by the fasting person during the month of Ramadhan until he completes his fast with the `Eid ul Fitr prayer.

I have included in this book the arguments of different scholars and also provided relevant proofs from the theological texts so that the believer may perform his obligations in Ramadhan equipped with knowledge and conviction.

~ Mohammed Iqbal Bin Abdullah

E-Book Available

Ramadhan Supplications (2nd Edition)

By Allah's Grace, and quite fittingly in this month of Ramadhan, we are able to offer our first E-Book, Ramadhan Supplications (2nd Edition) in which we make available to the reader a broad range of meaningful and touching supplications. The reader can from this collection choose any of the supplication for his discourses with Allah during Ramadhan and in other months.

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