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Vision & Goals

  • Provide Islamic education to English speaking Muslims who are unable to understand the medium of Islamic instruction (Malay Language) and talks held in mosques and most other institutions.

  • Inculcate and develop a connection between Islamic values and ethics and practice as a way of life based on the realization that a good Muslim is one whose faith is reflected in his daily moral conduct with the people around him.

  • Present Islamic teachings not just as pieces of information but rather as a body of experiences that would inspire and make Islam meaningful and relevant to personal lives and experiences. It is not about filling minds with information about Islam, but rather how they should conduct themselves being Muslims.

  • Give focus to personality and character development giving close attention to the real needs and concerns of society.

  • Encourage critical thinking needed to improve and help Muslims function in society.

  • Embrace developments and advancements in the field of education with regard to what is taught and how it is taught especially that which would give us a better understanding of how children grow and learn and the processes of moral development and the methods of effective teaching and learning.

  • Produce Muslim youth who are able to identify, understand and then work cooperatively to solve the problems that face the community in which they live based on the realization that this is part of their religious and social responsibilities.

  • Teaching the foundational disciplines of Islamic Studies (such as 'Aqeedah, Tafseer, hadeets, Fiqh, etc.) such that it would make the realization of the above goals possible.

  • Impart Islamic knowledge to students such that they would feel it is worth learning what they are taught because it is meaningful and relevant to their lives and be motivated as a result.

  • To portray Islam as a religion that is capable of keeping up with the movement and growth of human societies and the development of culture and civilization and always cater to the needs of changing times and newly arising problems.

  • Knowledge has no limits and the Holy Quran just like nature is so rich in content and meaning that just like the wonders of creation its content and resources are equally inexhaustible, and will ever remain as fresh and relevant and able to convey a new message to humanity till the end of time.

  • The aim of education and learning is not just to provide the student with a degree, certificate or a diploma which becomes a permit to a good paying job or title or wealth. It must produce individuals who are conscious of their duties, rights, meaning of existence, have the ability to differentiate between good and evil concepts and possess a correct vision of life in this world and the Hereafter.

  • We earnestly hope that our humble aims and efforts would yield fruit for the betterment of the Muslim Ummah and the society at large.

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