E-Book Available

Ramadhan Supplications (2nd Edition)

With the rapid proliferation of smartphones and tablets, readers now have a choice of E-Books (electronic books). E-Books provide an alternative reading format which is convenient and portable with a slew of features from bookmarking to automatic scrollling. Readers can literally carry a library with them, selecting what to read and when; like when on a commute, filling up waiting time or simply at a park bench.Keeping up with emerging trends and technologies of the digital environment, we have embarked to digitize our publications and offer them in E-Book format.

By Allah's Grace, and quite fittingly in this month of Ramadhan, we are able to offer our first E-Book, Ramadhan Supplications (2nd Edition) in which we make available to the reader a broad range of meaningful and touching supplications. The reader can from this collection choose any of the supplication for his discourses with Allah during Ramadhan and in other months.